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Project Description

A plug-in for CruiseControl.NET (CCNet) that provides support for Team Foundation Server Team Build, thus providing a continuous integration solution for TFS in the familiar surroundings of CCNet.


I released a binary-only version of this plug-in back in May 2007 via my blog after having been inspired by some of the early TFS CI solutions (but not wanting to reinvent the wheel), since then I have had a few suggestions to put it on CodePlex... so here it is!

You can read about my original release here:


This plug-in relies on other tools/assemblies for certain parts of it functionality:
  1. TFS source control plug-in for CruiseControl.NET (
  2. MSBuild XML logger (
  3. CoverageConvert.exe, which itself relies on 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Coverage.Analysis.dll' (

To install the above, simply download them and copy them to your CruiseControl.NET 'server' directory. The Microsoft assembly is part of Visual Studio 2005 Team Developer, so you will need to copy this from your local Visual Studio installation.

Getting Started
  1. Install the above dependencies
  2. Download the latest release, and extract the contents of the .ZIP file to your CruiseControl.NET 'server' directory
  3. If you want XML log files, copy and check-in the MSBuild XML logger assembly to the relevant TeamBuild folder (e.g. '$/TeamProjectA/TeamBuildTypes/CI')
  4. Use the 'ccnet.config.sample' file in the release to help you configure the plug-in for your environment
  5. Fire-up CruiseControl.NET and you should be good to go

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